Create a persona for your business that customers can engage with. 

I can help you create a consistent and reliable brand persona that your customers will engage with and remember for years to come. Whether you want to explore brand positioning, value propositions or rebranding, I will work with you to create an identity for your brand using hands-on experience to develop a message that will resonate with your target audience. 

Industry Analysis

Business and industry analysis helps to develop your brand. A successful brand is the backbone of any business; it will give your organisation a voice to speak with authority within your chosen industry, it will enhance your products and services and it helps to uphold your company values.

Development & Interaction

I will work alongside you to ensure a steady development of brand awareness following the bespoke brand strategy. Branding can help you speak to the exact audience you’re looking to hit, with customers engaging with your brand on a personal level. A persona helps you to reach and connect to the customers whose ethics, values and philosophies fall in line with your own.

Analysis of Progress

I conduct regular checks and in-depth monthly analyses of progress to further develop and enhance an existing brand strategy. By following this approach and consistently returning to view the progress and monitor the impact of your marketing, your brand will stay with your customers – ensuring they come back to you again and again.

Need Help with your Branding?

Are you struggling with getting your business noticed? We can develop your brand and transform it into a beacon of light within your industry.

There’s so much competition these days that it’s difficult enough for already established brands to make noise in their industry. So how do newer brands cope? If you need help with branding your business, speak to Burne and Royce – we’ve got plenty of experience for you to tap into, and together we can create a brand to be proud of, that both engages with your audience and acts as an authoritative voice in the industry you operate in.

Don't just take my word for it...

Usman is an expert in his field. Usman is a hard working individual who has an excellent knowledge of new technologies and Internet Marketing, SEO, PPC, Keyword research, Analytics. It is very pleasant to work with him and he impresses me on a regular basis with his dilligence and expertise on web analytics, online marketing, SEO, PPC and Keyword research.

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Director, Babywise

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