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Looking for different ways to reach the customers on your doorstep? The look no further - I have the answer!

Bike wheel light displays are the new futuristic tech to turn a simple bike into a direct marketing machine. Wow your local consumer with a show-stopping bike wheel light display!


With high level visibility, there's no other media that currently matches bike wheel displays for direct marketing.

what is it?

The bike wheel light display is a piece of hardware you can apply to any bike. Just attach the tech to your bike wheel and off you go!

how is it controlled?

The light system is controlled from an app on your phone. Upload your image, adjust the settings and it's ready.

where can i use it?

The bike wheel light display can be used anywhere from indoor events at exhibitions or shopping centres, to outdoor parties, product launches and festivals.

The system is waterproof so its safe to use even when it's wet!

wow your consumers

When flyers just don't cut it and TV ads are out of your marketing budget, bike wheel light displays will wow your consumers! This nifty tech can be used during the day or at dusk for maximum effect! 

Upload your logo, slogan or even a short marketing video and get noticed!

Apply to any bike wheel

Safe to use indoors at exhibitions or shopping centres

Safe to use outdoors on the road and in public spaces

Display logos, photos and short videos

Control you display easily from the app 

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