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Branding & Web Design

Create a cohesive brand story

Designs that represent your brand

Draw customers towards you

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We can help with your new website


Wix Web Design


Shopify Web Design


Magento Web Design

We do :

Web Design

We're experts at creating simple websites to complex custom builds with specific requirements.

With unrivalled design knowledge we can build the right website for you.

Online Media

Our graphic artists are committed to creating visually pleasing, clever graphics and videos for online marketing platforms like Instagram and Tiktok.

Logo & Branding

We take a distinctive, appropriate, practical, and graphic approach to design a logo or create a brand that conveys your message.

Email Marketing

We design inspiring email marketing campaigns to engage your audience that reflect your brand and its' goals.

Digital Print Media

Our talented graphic designers can help with designing creative graphics for printed and digital use, such as brochures and other marketing materials.

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The logo and the brand of a company is it's visual identity.

This identity becomes the face of your brand which represents it's personality and your company values. It is the first thing a customer relates to when visiting your website.​ This visual identity creates a unified message to your customers, and it becomes instantly recognisable across the web.

A good brand identity is memorable and if needed,  we can update yours so that your customers will always recognise your business.

Do you have ?

Poor logo design

These days you need a memorable logo to represent your business. Whether you need a whole new concept or a refresh, our design team can create a logo which perfectly sums up your brand.

Inconsistent branding

Branding is not just how your website looks, it's how your business speaks to your customers. A consistent brand message across all platforms will help to convert potential leads and build awareness of your brand.

Old or slow website

Sometimes your website needs a refresh! When you find your site is not performing as it should be, we have the know how and the expertise to build a beautiful functional new design.

A full web & design service

Everything from A to Z, always including the latest tech and features.


From a complete new look or a simple update, how your business is portrayed can either bring new custom or even drive potential customers to your competitors.

We can identify areas of improvement and create a straightforward design strategy - including conversion optimisation (making your website easier to use) to please your customers!

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Why us?

1 to 1

You'll have a dedicated account manager in order to meet the demands of your brand.

Limited Projects

We take on a limited number of projects per year so that your brand gets the attention it deserves.

FREE  Technical  Advice

Receive FREE technical advice from our experts.

Find out more

We're experienced

Over 20 years combined business and marketing experience.

After hours help

Support when you need it. We handle queries after hours.

Clear advice

Straight talking business with no short cuts or jargon.

Take your brand to the next level with Burne & Royce

1 to 1 Account Manager

We handle queries after hours

Data safe

Clear straight advice

FREE Technical advice

Award for Best Data Utilisation
Award for Smart Technology Adoption
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